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Custom Stained Glass Terms & Conditions: Can YOU Use This?

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Custom-Made Stained Glass Designs
Terms and Conditions
by, Can YOU USE This?

Custom Designed Windows: refers to any glass design work that is unique to a specific size, theme, or design, whether it

is your own personal design or “Can YOU USE This?”

Customized panels upon initial ordering and shipping require a deposit of 25% of the total cost of your

entire order
(including taxes), and once the final design is approved.  

Thereafter, you will be notified via both, email and phone as to the progress of your item being made (e.g., when 50% is

. Once half or 50% is completed, a second payment installment of 25% is required at that time. At 75%

completion of your item, a third payment installment of your order is required again upon notification and review of the item,

until the final completion of your order item is completed and ready for shipping. Your final payment of 25% and shipping

costs are due prior to shipping your complete order.

Design Work: Design work that is to be rendered by Can YOU USE This will charge client an hourly rate of $55.00/

per hour on basic design work (level A); and $75.00/per hour on more extensive intrical work (level B); and $125.00/per hour on more elaborate work (level C); and $155.00-$255.00/per hour on highly-elaborate detailed work on (level D).

Design work will be available for customer’s viewing upon their request while in progress. Shipping & Handling Separate.

Installations: In instances where the stained glass window design is to be installed into a building’s opening, a separate contract
stating the procedures involved and the costs will be written and submitted for the client’s approval.

*NOTE: Calculated shipping charges, and some deliveries:   where applicable, is same as catalog items, being shipped
Please feel free to contact us at, or customer service at toll free, 1-888-963-0133, or 267-961-3181.

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